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Vinamet CZ

We manufacture medical and plastic packaging products for the pharmaceutical, medical and food industries. All our products are health-safe and manufactured with the latest technology. Our goal is top quality, on-time delivery and reasonable price.

At the same time, we are also working on radiation protection, providing services to healthcare organizations in the form of e.g. long-term stability tests and others.

– We are manufacturers of packaging and medical devices

– We have more than 250 customers worldwide

– We manufacture over 200 million products annually

– Over 30 years of experience



30 years in business

We have over 30 years experience in manufacturing pharmaceutical packaging.

Complete solution

From bottle to closure, we offer a complete packaging solution.

Quality guarantee

All materials are safe and most are in compliance with European Pharmacopoeia requirements.

Quick delivery

Top quality, on-time delivery and a reasonable price are our main objectives.