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Commercial activity

VINAMET has been importing and distributing food and beverages since 1993. For our
business partners we provide quality services associated with quality products. The aim of
of our company is to reach a wide range of customers with a very attractive range of products at reasonable prices. Our products are always ranked among the top products of our business partners sales.

We are currently involved in the production of fruit crisps and corn grits from Boltex and bars from Aksam. These products are very popular not only with children. Thanks to their quality and reasonable price, they are in great demand not only for shopping chains, but also for retailers.

Thanks to our rich experience and long tradition, we have gained and kept among our clients of major international chains and private companies in the Czech and Slovak Republic, where we deliver goods within 72 hours. We will be happy to deliver to you as well.
If you are interested we will send you our offer.

Fruit ball crisps 100g


Our children’s favourite snack. Great fruity taste at an affordable price.


You can buy fruit crisps in Interspar, Kaufland, Koruna , Norma and many other food stores.

Fruit ball crisps 50g


Our children’s favourite snack. Great fruity taste at an affordable price in a smaller package.

Beskydy paprika peanuts


Beskydy cheese peanuts with onion


Beskydy peanuts with wasabi flavour


Beskydy barbecue penauts


Beskydy peanuts in caramel


Beskydy sesame sticks 50 g


Beskydy sticks salted 50 g


Beskydy cheese sticks with onion 50 g


Beskydy sticks salted 80 g