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Main goal: TOP QUALITY

The VINAMET company produces its own plastic products by means of injection moulding, blow moulding, injection blow moulding, injection-stretch-blow moulding (ISBM PET) on machines and equipment of the world’s leading manufacturers – ARBURG, JSW, HESTA, BATTENFELD, AUTOMA, ASB NISSEI, UNLLOY and others. The product range was developed gradually. Among needles, mandrels, three-way taps, tips for micro pipettes, etc. Since 1994, we have mainly been engaged in the production of packaging materials mainly for the pharmaceutical, food and chemical industries – caps, droppers, medicine bottles and more. In 2020, we expanded the range to include medical devices intended for operating rooms.

Environmentally friendly technology

Thanks to the use of hot nozzles, technological waste is not produced during production, and the production is therefore very environmentally friendly. For more sophisticated applications, we produce medicine bottles using the injection – blow moulding technology. This technology makes it possible to produce blown medicine bottles with the precision and quality of an injected product, and it is also waste-free. The product range also includes multi-component products, which are assembled on powerful single-purpose assembly machines with automatic sorting of defective pieces. The production process uses a closed water circuit without evaporation with minimal replenishment, which guarantees the lowest possible water consumption and no waste water is generated from the production process. Recently, we have also been intensively engaged in the production of products from regranulate or from so-called „green materials“.


Emphasis put on quality

As most of our products are designed for health services and pharmaceutics they must be manufactured under very strict manufacturing and inspection conditions. A special attention is paid particularly to the quality and cleanness of input raw materials, tidiness during the manufacturing manufacturing practice (GMP) are observed during the manufacture. Since 2002 we have been products are made of materials that meet the requirements of European Pharmacopoeia and are not harmful to health.

Comprehensive services

We provide comprehensive services to our customers, including drawing the product according to requirements delivered by the customer, the manufacture of mould(s) and subsequent injection moulding, blow moulding, or injection-blow moulding of the product required. Through our services, we try to ensure a maximum customer satisfaction that we evaluate on a regular basis within our own system and integrate possible suggestions. We continually improve both the manufacturing processes and the quality management system to satisfy the requirements of all customers to a maximum extent in the long term. Our customers include leading pharmaceutical and food companies.
The whole of the manufacturing process is submitted to our main goal: top quality, ontime deliveries and favourable prices